About Allergens

What is an allergen?

An allergen is a substance in the environment that causes an allergic reaction in some people.

what is short ragweed?

What is short ragweed?

Sometimes called "common" ragweed, short ragweed is native to North America. It produces large amounts of pollen that stay airborne. The plant generally blooms in late summer and fall.

Ragweed pollen season varies regionally.

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Pinpointing your allergy sensitivity

People with allergies can be sensitive to many different allergens. Taking note of the time of year when you experience allergy symptoms and where you experience them can help you and your allergy specialist figure out if you may be allergic to ragweed pollen.

Ask yourself:

  • Are symptoms at their worst during ragweed pollen season (late summer and fall)?
  • Does avoiding outdoor activity during ragweed pollen season help your symptoms?
  • Do symptoms go away when it’s raining or when you go away on vacation?
pinpointing your ragweed allergy sensitivity
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Important Safety Information about RAGWITEK 

  • RAGWITEK can cause severe allergic reactions that may be life-threatening. Stop taking RAGWITEK and get medical treatment right away if you have any of the following symptoms after taking RAGWITEK:
    • Trouble breathing
    • Throat tightness or swelling
    • Trouble swallowing or speaking
    • Dizziness or fainting
    • Rapid or weak heartbeat
    • Severe stomach cramps or pain, vomiting, or diarrhea
    • Severe flushing or itching of the skin
  • Do not take RAGWITEK if you have severe, unstable or uncontrolled asthma; had a severe allergic reaction in the past that included trouble breathing, dizziness or fainting, or rapid or weak heartbeat; had difficulty with breathing due to swelling of the throat or upper airway after using any sublingual immunotherapy before; have ever been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis; or are allergic to any of the inactive ingredients contained in RAGWITEK.
  • For home administration of RAGWITEK, your doctor will prescribe auto-injectable epinephrine, a medicine you can inject if you have a severe allergic reaction after taking RAGWITEK. Talk to your doctor or read the epinephrine patient information if you have any questions about the use of auto-injectable epinephrine.
  • The first dose of RAGWITEK must be taken in the doctor’s office. After taking the first tablet, you will be watched for at least 30 minutes for symptoms of a serious allergic reaction.

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